n-Dimensional Geospatial


Engage and collaborate in the delivery of Ordnance Survey's innovation programme by creating and visualising n‑dimensional geography: 3D coordinates for the geometry of topographic objects – but with added dimensions of time and motion.

We extend user reach by immersing consumers in augmented, virtual and mixed reality to navigate around the digital twin of a city; be placed in the driver/passenger seat of a connected autonomous vehicle; or help manage underground assets in the field with head-up display (HUD) information.

Key Skills

  • Capture of aerial/terrestrial point clouds and imagery
  • Generating virtual 3D models and environments (Blender + Skyline)
  • Mixed Reality SDKs (Vuforia + ARKit + HoloLens)
  • Publishing 3D models and meshes
  • Unity VR/AR development platform

Recent Projects