Tabletop Mixed Reality (HoloLens) by Layla Gordon


Labs have developed two prototype applications for Microsoft HoloLens with tabletop placements of detailed 3D models as holograms.

In these scenarios, headwear is used for a hands-free AR experience where the user will see the digital content overlaid on real world through the clear lenses as holograms.


Manchester University app

This features Manchester University captured by high precision drone acquired aerial imagery.

The use case for this is smart city dashboards where real time data can be overlaid on the model and incidents can be discussed in a disaster management scenario.



Snowdon demo

This features a 3D model generated using a digital elevation model based on the OS Terrain 5 dataset covering mount Snowdon.

The use case for this example above is flood visualisation and management in a multi-agency scenario where all users some in the room and some not all wearing HoloLens can collaborate in a common mixed reality session to visualise and have a discussion around natural disaster management.



Sourced from iLRN 2019 London Workshop, Long and Short Paper, Poster, Demos, and SSRiP Proceedings from the Fifth Immersive Learning Research Network Conference (e-book).