Guy Heathcote

Product Development Consultant

Application developer, 3D modeller and researcher – with a current focus on 3D data and technology. More than 30 years experience at Ordnance Survey!

Paul Naylor

Cartographic Design Consultant – GeoDataViz

Cartographic Design Consultant with over 20 years' experience in creating maps and visualising data using a range of GIS, design and web applications. Always looking for new ways to represent and visualise information.

Tim Manners

Senior Technology Labs Engineer

Full stack developer with excellent working knowledge of GIS; spatial data formats; and extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. Specialises in delivering technical solutions and prototypes using open source technologies.

Past Members

Charley Glynn

Cartographic Design Consultant – GeoDataViz

Specialises in cartographic design and data visualisation; from the functional to the artistic. Distributing intelligence in meaningful forms using GIS, graphic design and web mapping. A keen advocate of open data and open source tech.

Jon Horgan

Product Development Consultant

Works in data geomatics research. Has an excellent knowledge of planning, extracting and exploiting 3D data. Experience covers both aerial and ground based imagery and LiDAR as well as traditional surveying techniques.

Layla Gordon

AR/VR Team Lead – n-Dimensional Geospatial

Computer Scientist with over 14 years of research into Computer Vision; Artificial Intelligence; and more recently their applications in Mixed Reality. Specialises in coding AR + VR prototypes for 3D data visualisation and consumer indoor/outdoor navigation applications.